Denise George - Permanent Makeup Ohio
Denise George Applying Permanent Makeup in Ohio




“Denise George is a permanent makeup artist who has helped many cancer patients look beautiful.”


Denise you have worn many hats throughout your life, wife, mother, air force Sargent and now permanent make up artist, tell us why this field has become such a passion for you?

My life has had three Epic experiences and Devin you hit all three. Being in the United States Air force is something I am so proud of. I joined at the age of 17 knowing this would start my journey in my new life. Being a mother at the age of 35. I can still see the birth of my daughter Ashely. It was so EPIC. At the age of 40. I was introduced to permanent makeup. I had my eyes, eyebrows, and lips done. I immediately fell in love. I knew right away I had the passion and desire to do permanent makeup.


Another passion you have recently been blessed with has been the role of grandmother, tell us how that's changed your life?

Now being a grandmother is amazing. When my daughter moved out at the age of 20. I felt so empty, sad, and alone. Now that I have a granddaughter (Aliyah) I have two girls in my life. I am closer to my daughter than I have even been. How lucky am I.


What wisdom can you give women on career changes?

Career changes should be exciting and at the same time a challenge. Do what you love. Life is to short. At the age of 50. I want back to school and have a wonderful career. Now that my daughter is all grown up and she has her own family. Now it is time for me! What ever I do I want to be the best I can be.


Who has inspired you to become the woman you are now?

My parents were my inspiration in life. My father was an amazing man. He was a union leader for the United States Steelworkers of America. We traveled, and ate amazing food. My father alway dressed very well. When my father walked in a room you knew it. He was such a strong man. My mother was a stay home mom. She did everything and gave up everything to be an amazing mom. I feel that I was the lucky to even know them. GOD was great to me.


Where would you like to be in the next five years?

In five years. I want to be one of the top permanent makeup artist. I believe all great artist never stop learning. Put your ego aside and be the best you can be. Now I am doing medical and cosmetic permanent makeup. Working with women medical issues. Women with breast cancer, etc. I want to travel all over the US. Making women feel whole again. What a privilege to change peoples lives.


What tips can you give women who may want to do permanent makeup, but may be afraid to do it?

Tips on doing Permanent makeup, but you are afraid. First of all you have to have the passion. If you just want to do it for the money, I really don't think you can make it. You must have talent in makeup. You must have steady hands. You have to what to make women fill whole again. Great bedside manners. Take proper classes, hands on training. Start small and work your way up. Some of these women have been though a lot of suffering. I always get hugs when I am done, sometime women even cry. These women think they are the lucky one. I feel like I am the lucky one.